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York Catholic Athletic Coaching Positions

  • High School Girls' Varsity Volleyball Coach

  • High School Boys' Varsity Volleyball Coach

  • High School Boys' JV Volleyball Coach


Candidates for all positions will be responsible for administrative duties including team registration, equipment and uniform inventory, scouting assignments, injury reports, and score reporting.  The candidates will also establish team guidelines and practice schedules, coordinate team and parent meetings, and regularly communicate with players and their parents. Head coaches must attend all meetings in compliance with the PIAA and YAIAA.  Varsity coaching experience preferred for all high school head coach positions.  Please complete an application at

York County School of Technology has an opening for the position of Head Varsity Football Coach. High School Head Coaching experience is preferred. Successful candidates need to demonstrate the ability to develop a competitive program based on past experience.  Interested parties should contact the athletic director by email . Applications will be accepted through January 31, 2023.


Spartan Coaching Application 


Basic Expectations:

1.       Conducting research and analyzing previous games to develop game plans, tactics, techniques, formations, and strategies.

2.       Organizing and planning dynamic practices, both in and out of season.

3.       Determining individual player abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, and factoring these into the gameplay.

4.       Communicating with stakeholders, including student athletes, athletic department personnel, parents and caregivers, community members, faculty, staff, and administration.

5.       Establishing team rules and regulations and ensuring players are familiar with them.

6.       Organizing team building sessions and activities off the field.

7.       Fostering good sportsmanship in all team players, resolving disputes, and addressing bad behavior in a timely manner.

8.       Ensuring all sports equipment is available and in working order.

9.       Encouraging players to play on other York Tech athletic teams.

10.   Promoting Spartan Values and helping to fulfill the mission of the York County School of Technology.  

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